Wednesday, September 5, 2018

“Labor for the Son” Day

On Labor Day weekend, Fairfax Baptist Church went into the community to serve during the usual time of worship. We did gather for a few minutes to sing two songs, hear a word of encouragement, and have a commissioning prayer, but otherwise Labor Day Sunday was “Labor for the Son” Day.

Some members helped by cleaning up yards, others by cleaning gutters, and some made visits to homebound or to other members who were not present. In all honesty, we had more people willing to serve than we had opportunity this first time, but it was a start, and something from which we can build in the future.

After reading from Matthew 5.13-16, the following is the brief encouragement shared before praying and going into the community.

Matthew 5.13-16 says that we are to be salt and light. We are salt to the earth and light for the world. As we have heard in the past from our friend Ayo in Nigeria, if we are Christian, wherever we stand we have the opportunity to make that place salty and give light. This salt and light is not for ourselves; rather it is for the benefit of others and ultimately is to serve as a blessing to God.

Today, we go out to be that salt and to be that light and to do good works and to have conversations and to allow people to ask, “Why can't the church do this all the time?” Ultimately, we go out today to fulfill Jesus command to serve, and to share His love, so that others might see our good works and glorify the Father who is in heaven.

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